Whats up everyone we are back with another hot update of StrippersInTheHood XXX. In this scene we have some guy who contacted me thru this web site about getting a stripper for his girl because she has never seen a black male stripper with a big cock. He said that his girl was looking at the web site and she wants to have a stripper dance for her with a big cock because she loves big cocks and she wants the stripper to do to her what they do to the other girls on the web site. So I set up the date for us to meet so we could for fill her fantasy . So I contacted my main man Hot Rod to lay the hammer down on this chick. So the big day comes and I get to the hotel room and the couple is already there and the chic was hot!!! She had a nice round ass but she could not speak a word of english so the boyfriend had to translate the words for me. So Hot Rod hits me up and I meet him outside and let him know what I have in store for him. Let me tell you that this has got to be the hottest scene to date because this chic loved rubbing his muscles and she was so fucking horny for his cock she didn’t even let him finish his strip show and before you know it she had his cock in her mouth. Then Hot Rod eventually took her to the bed and fuck the shit out of her, then shoots his load all in her mouth!!!

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