Today we have Wendy who contacted me thru the web site to hire a male dancer for her birthday. She told me that she never had a stripper before and wanted to treat herself to one. So I asked her if she had any preference for a dancer and she said “nope” So I called Mr. Anaconda himself the Hot Rod for this job. So the day arrives and I finally meet Wendy and I have to tell you that I thought to myself “man this is going to be boring” so I thought. We talked for a minute before Hot Rod came and she was pretty quite. So to make sure that this shit was worth video taping, lol I asked her if she actually saw the videos on the web site and she said yes and that she loved it. So I said ok cool, she said that don’t mind her being quite because she like to be told what to do and that she is submissive!!! I thought ok cool we are getting somewhere. Anyway Hot Rod finally arrives so I meet him at the elevator to let him know that I have something nice for him. So he knocks on the door and when Wendy opens up the door he looks at me and the camera and give me a great big smile. Let me tell you that this chic could not take Hot Rods cock in her extremely tight pussy so you have to see what she does to pry her pussy open to receive Hot Rods cock!!! She gets a dildo from her bag and begins to fuck herself with the dildo while sucking on Hot Rods cock!!! This has got to be the hottest video that I think I have ever shot because there was no acting here. She was such a trooper and Hot Rod gave her a nice big load all over her face for her birthday present!!!



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