Hey everyone hope you guys had a wonderful Halloween because if not I have a trick or treat update for you!!! Today we have a sexy red head by the name of Tiffany Torres. She was referred to me from one of my boys from Brooklyn and he told me that he had this bad chic that wanted to have a one on one private show with a male stripper because she never had that before. So he told her to go to the and she could not believe the size of the strippers cocks, she said there cocks were so huge. So she contacted me and we set up a date for her stripper to come but the date that she wanted I could not be there to film so I had my man that set me up with Tiffany Torres to film the strip show for me. So I called my main man Hot Rod to take care of this job and he was willing and available. After reviewing the tape the 1st thing I realized that Ms. Tiffany Torres has a huge beautiful clitoris that pokes out when she is horny, just wait until you see it. My boy Hot Rod did his thang again and Ms. Tiffany Torres was mesmerized with his ripped body and his huge cock. The scene was hot because it looked like Conan the Barbarian fucking Red Sonia especially when Hot Rod is pounding her from behind and then finishes off by shooting his load all over her face and tits!!!



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