Welcome back to Strippers In The Hood XXX, in this scene we have Stallion who is a hood ghetto freak that I meet and asked if she ever seen a stripper before and she said no. So I asked her if she would like to see a dancer strip buck naked for her one on one and she said “Thats wazz up”. So I set up the date, time and hotel and called my man Hot Rod for the job and we had a date. So the day comes and my man Hot Rod and I drove to the hotel and get to the room and Stallion is all ready for her 1st Strippers!!! So while my man Hot Rod gets ready I chat a little with Stallion and during the conversation I ask her to stand up to show off her body and to be honest I don’t know why she calls herself stallion but hey who am I to say!!! Ok my man Hot Rod comes out and as usual the smile goes into a great big OMG!!! and Hot Rod struts out and teases Stallion with his sculpted body and that third leg of his. Stallion looks overwhelmed by my man Hot Rod but not overwhelmed enough to know what to focus on 1st. So Stallion grabs on to what I like to refer to the hypnotizer!!! She grabs on to his big rod like it the 1st cock she has ever seen in her life!!! So Hot Rod proceeds to peel out of his cloth and before you know it Stallion is asking me if she can taste his big cock. So I tell her “you can do what ever you like he is yours for the night”. So Stallion begins to suck the skin out of his dick which I realize later that it is gum!!! Hot Rod fucks her tight pussy real good before he shoots his thick nut right on her chin and chest, oh by the way Stallion tells me after the scene that if I had any other dancer available to call her and she will make sure that she saves her money!!!



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