Welcome back to another hot episode of StrippersInTheHoodxxx. Today I bring to you Ms. Sophia Loren, not the movie star but someone who has the hollywood look. I must say that when I actually meet her she had the same exotic look of the Angela Jolie, with her lips and Julia Roberts with her smile. Either way she gave me a call looking to book an exotic dancer to because she just wanted to try something new, so I had to ask her if she has seen the web site and what can happens, and she replied yes. So we set up the date and time for her private show. So I contacted my main man Hot Rod to come do his thang. So I arrived at the hotel and we started the interview because Hot Rod was running a late. So we begin the interview and I must say that this was one of the 1st times that I wanted to put the camera down whip my cock out and just have her to myself!!! Sophia Loren was being so seductive while I was interviewing her and the way she was looking into the camera was making my cock rock hard!!! So Hot Rod finally arrives and I could tell that she liked what she saw. So Hot Rod gets changed while I continue the interview and while we are talking she gets up off the bed and asks me how does she look and I replied “You are sexy as hell”. So Hot Rod finally comes out and performs his strip tease and while he is doing one of his seductive moves they start kissing like they were ready to get busy!!! Now ladies and gentleman this has to be one of the hottest scenes that I have ever shoot. To see how these 2 were going at it was so hot , and Ms. Sophia Loren was small compared to my boy Hot Rod but she took his whole cock all in her pussy. The only flaw the sexy Sophia Loren had was that she look like she had a bad acne breakout but I have to tell you that Mr. Hot Rod gave Sophia Loren his special “cream of nature” all over her gorgeous face!!!



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