Strippers In The Hood XXX brings back Ms.ParaDDDis. She contacted us because she wanted to book the one dancers that danced for her the last time she used us but this time she wanted them to entertain her friend, so I said no problem and we set up a date and time for the guys to arrive. So on the day of the appointment I arrive at the hotel room and when i go into the room I see that its not the same girl that she had the last time. So I ask Ms. PariDDDIs what happened to your other friend and she tells me that her friend is pregnant. Ms. ParaDDDis said “after you and the dancers left her friend was so fucking horny from watching them fuck me that she needed some real bad” So Ms. ParaDDDis thinks that because of that night she most likely got pregnant shortly after that, lol. So I said oh well and ask, whats your new sexy new friends name and she replied “Sweety” I didn’t bother asking why, but I liked her. So I pull out my camera and begin asking Sweety my usual questions and I find out that Ms. Sweety has never been with another female before sexually. So of course I am thinking “Yeah right” but when Ms. ParaDDDis has her on the bed she had that innocent, confused face on when Ms. ParaDDDis was playing with her pussy. So my boy Hot Rod finally arrives and I could see that Hot Rod like what he sees. So Hot Rod gets changed and comes out and heads straight for the new girl and it is amazing that Ms. Sweety and Ms. ParaDDDIs was staring at Hot Rods cock like a deer stares at headlights. Once Hot Rods cock was out Ms Sweety was 1st up to receive Hot Rods cock. Then Hot Rod threw his cock into Ms. ParaDDDis’s awaiting pussy and began punishing her pussy because she would not thank me for bringing her back all the while Ms. Sweety was watch Hot Rods cock slide in and out of her friends pussy. So Hot Rod throws Ms. ParaDDDIs off of his cock and proceeds to screw Ms. Sweeties pussy deep and hard while she thanks me for bring her a big body, big dick, mandingo stripper!!! Also on a side note if you look closely I think Hot Rod was going so deep into Ms. Sweety sweet pussy that she starts to bleed!!!



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