In this hot episode Hot Rod gets to strip for a hot blooded Cuban who wanted to get her freak on before her boyfriend came by the hotel room. So since this chic was ready to get her freak on she asked if Hot Rod was ready yet and Hot Rod yells out that he was ready, so out comes Hot Rod and after a few moves Mishy Snow yells out “is that your cock”, that when I knew that this was going to get real hot. So Hot Rod is doing his strippers swagger and after a few moves Mishy Snow decides to pull Hot Rods 11inch cock out and begins to suck his cock while holding him down. All of a sudden this 4′ 11″ cuban fire cracker begins to dominate Mr. Hot Rod then She pulls Hot Rod by his collar and says “your going to be my little bitch like the ones you find at thothub” I must tell you it was Hot to see this 4’11” red head try to push around 245lbs of muscles and 11inches of cock, but it didn’t take long for Hot Rod to pound some sense into this chic and mesmerize this chic with his 11inch cock. Then Hot Rod shoots a nice thick load all in her mouth!!!



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