Hello everyone my name is Rob and welcome to the very 1st scene of StrippersInTheHoodXXX. In this scene I have a bride to be by the name of London who called me about hiring a male stripper for her bachelorette party. She said that she never had a dancer before and that she wanted to see one before she got married. So she asked me if I had a dancer that has a big one and does he take it all off, and if she could touch. So I told her that I have someone that is packing and also has a nice body and he is very opened minded. So I got my main man Hot Rod to show this bride to be how things get down in StrippersInTheHoodXXX. So when we arrived at the hotel room her girl friends where not there yet so she insisted that the she would rather not wait for them. So while Hot Rod was changing I had some small talk about what she liked and didn’t like. So when Hot Rod finally comes out the bathroom I could see what she liked!!! Watch as this sexy Bride to be tries to hold back from cheating on here bride right before the big day but ends up giving in to Hot Rods incredible body and his hypnotizing 11inch cock. Lets just say that after that night if here husband doesn’t treat his new bride right she will be at all the strip clubs looking for a private dancer!!!



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