Hello everyone, welcome back to another hot scene from Strippers InThe HoodXXX. In this scene we have a sexy Mexican that called me looking to hire a Hispanic Male Stripper. So I tell her know problemo!!! So we set up a date, time and location for this to go down. So on the day of the event unfortunately I cannot get a Spanish Stripper so I call Hot Rod to see if he was available and he tells me know problem. So we meet up on the day we schedule and go to the hotel and when we get there Hot Rod knocks on the door and when the door opens up the girl tells Hot Rod that she wanted a Spanish Stripper. So Hot Rod explains to her that the dancer couldn’t make it so he came instead. So the lady lets us in and Hot Rod goes and gets changed. While Hot Rod is changing I try my best to chat with this sexy Mexican the best I can, lol, you see I failed Spanish class in high school so my Spanish is horrible. Anyway she explains to me that she really wanted a spanish Stripper and didn’t want this dancer but she said that he can still strip for her. In the back of my mind I’m thinking wait until she get a load of what Hot Rod is packing and lets see if the old saying is true “once you go black you never go back”!!!



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