Whats up everybody welcome back to another hot episode of Strippers In The Hoodxxx. Today we have a special treat for you who goes by the name of Kendra Star. Kendra hit me up from the web site and said that she would love to have a male dancer perform for her because she said that she never had a stripper before. So I asked her if she saw the web site and she replied “yes I did” and she told me that she liked the buffed dude with the big dick!!! So I told her that thats my boy Hot Rod, and she said damn I want to rape your boy!!! So I told her that I can make sure that my boy Hot Rod will be there to perform for her. So I get to the hotel to meet Kendra Star and my boy Hot Rod arrives about 15mins later. My boy Hot Rod knocks on the door and when the door opens Hot Rod give me the smile of approval but then Hot Rod finally recognizes the girl and asks her if she was a porn star. I could see that he very happy. This was a classic for me because this chic is a porn star and also because this chic was the 1st chic to almost deep throating Hot Rods cock!!! You have to see it, and of course when Hot Rod shoots a fucking load in Kendra Stars mouth!!!



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