Welcome back to another hot episode of StrippersInTheHoodxxx. Today I bring you this gorgeous nurse by the name of Kaycee Brooks. She contacted me thru StrippersInTheHoodxxx to hire a male stripper to entertain her when she came to New Jersey for a nursing convention. I asked her did she know which dancer she wanted to hire and she replies yes the “ROD”!!! So I said Hot Rod and she yes the “ROD”, lol. So I said no problem and we set up the date and time for the event to happen. Now the day arrives and Kaycee and I speak to her again so that I could get the address to the location. She tells me that she will be at a hotel in Newark, New Jersey by the airport. So once I arrive at the hotel I call her again so can I get the hotel room #. So once I get to the room I politely knock on the door. Once the door opens I am pleasantly surprised to be greeted by an extremely pretty women. So I introduce myself to her as she is inviting me into the room. So I begin the interview before Hot Rod arrives. So while I am asking her questions I am thinking in my mind I can’t believe that Hot Rod is going to get paid to entertain this extremely hot chic!!! So Hot Rod finally arrives gets changed and begins to perform for Kaycee. She doesn’t waste no time letting Hot Rod know that she wants that huge cock of his. Poor Hot Rod barely gets to strip for her before she is pulling off his g-string and tugging on that monster cock. So Hot Rod finally gives in and takes her to the bed and shoves his 11inch cock in her tight pussy and begins to pound her pussy until he is unable to hold out any longer and shots a big thick load all in her mouth while she willingly opens her mouth and without hesitation catches every drop of his load!!!



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