Welcome back to another hot episode of StrippersInTheHoodxxx, Today we have Ms. Jemma More. She contacted me saying that she was recommended by her friends to hire a male stripper thru us and that she wanted to book a hot stripper with a hot body. She gave me all the details of when and where she wanted her stripper, then I 1st contacted my main man Hot Rod but he wasn’t available so I called his partner in crime Mr. XL he was available. So on the day of the event I arrive at the hotel and finally meet Mrs Jemma More and I realize that she had a sexy body. We went up to the room and we started talking. I realize that that this MILF is very timid and self conscience. I’m thinking oh boy this is going to be one of those boring nights, or so I thought!!! So my boy XL finally arrives @ the door looking pumped up already and I could see that she was very happy. So when Mr. XL goes into the bathroom to change Ms. Jemma More decides to warm up before her Stripper comes and strips out of her pants to reveal a sexy tight body and begins using one of her toys to get things flowing. Once Mr. XL finally comes out this once timid, self-conscious MILF turns into a hot horny sexfeene. She couldn’t keep her hands off of Mr. XL, and once he finally whipped out his cock things got even better. You have to see how 12inch of cock just disappear deep inside this tiny chic pussy, she even deep throats his cock!!! Then when you thought where did all this come from she gets even more worked up and acts like she’s possessed by one of the devils bitches, with her eyes rolling in the back of her head. Then while she riding XLs cock she jumps off turns on her back and fucking squirts her cum all over the room!, she even got some on the mirror!!! I have to say that I totally under estimated her, and that she is one of the most amazing, horniest chics I’ve seen in a while!!!

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