Welcome back to another hot episode of Strippers In The Hoodxxx. In this update we have a 20 yr old college student who contacted me by phone and said her friend refered her to the web site. She said that she wanted to hire 2 strippers for herself!!! So the 1st thing I asked her is has she seen the web site, and she replied yes, so I said ok no problem and I set up the date & time for the dancers to arrive. So I contacted my main man Hot Rod and blaze to take care of this booking. So the day arrives and me and one of my other camera men show up at the hotel, I am confronted by this young looking innocent chocolate chic that has bracelets in her mouth. Oh man, the first thing I ask this chic is “how old are you”? she smiles and replies I am 16yrs old!!! I look at this crazy chic like what!!! and she laughs ands says nah I am 20yrs old so I smile and reply “WORD, let me see some I.D.” After we establish that this chic is legal she tells me that she is a college student and never has time to have fun so her friend suggested that she hire a stripper for herself. So I said you hired 2 strippers and she replies “yeah I want to do it big”. So I ask can you handle 2 dancers and she says hey “doesn’t hurt to try”. Then I asked have you ever had sex with 2 guys at one time and she says no!!! Once she said that I really didn’t know what to expect. Now we are waiting for a while for my boys to arrive so we start the video shoot with out the guys, but in the middle of the interview Hot Rod arrives but where is Blaze? So anyway Hot Rod kicks it off and I have to tell you the the old saying is true “Big Things Come In Small Packages” this young looking chic is one hot ass!! What until you see her open up right on camera. The cool thing is while she was riding Hot Rods cock Blaze shows up and then the real show begins, but thats not until the next update so for now enjoy this hot new update!!!


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