Waz up everyone Today we have some what of a different but hot update. I have to admit that this was one of the most craziest but hottest scenes that I have ever filmed. It started when I received a call from Gia saying that she wants to hire one of the dancer she saw on my web site. So I asked her which one did she want and she said I want the guy with the muscles and the big cock I think his name is Hot Rod, I said yup thats him. So we set up the day and time and then I hit up my main man Hot Rod up and let him know that I needed him for a show. So the day arrives and I get there before Hot Rod and meet the girl at the hotel. When she opens the door the 1st thing I thought was damn she’s hot!!! So we started the interview without Hot Rod because he was running late but during our interview Hot Rod calls me on my phone to let me know that he has arrived. So while interviewing this chic she tells me that she loves big cocks but the biggest cock she has ever had was 6inches. So I am like oh shit!!! My man Hot Rod is almost 6inches bigger than her boyfriend, she is about to get GAPED!!! So anyway out comes Hot Rod, after taking forever getting changed in the bathroom and this girl was totally overwhelmed by Hot Rods body but the big surprise was when Hot Rod Pulled out his cock, this chick looked like she just found out she was pregnant!!! I have to say that when Hot Rod cracked her sexy legs open and tried jamming his cock in her tight pussy you would have thought that this chic was in labor. Hot Rods cock was so overwhelming to this chic that he had her crying in his arms!!!


Interracial, MILF

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