Welcome back to another hot episode of StrippersInTheHoodxxx. Today we bring you a sexy married women who goes by the name of Erin. She called me looking to book a Male stripper to give her a private show. She told me that she saw the web site and wanted to book the stripper with the bald head and nice muscles, So I knew exactly who she wanted. So I asked her what date & time did she want her dancer to come entertain her. Once we set up the date and time and I contacted my man Hot Rod to make sure that he was available for that date and time. So I finally meet the lady that Hot Rod is dancing for and I must say that she’s hawt!!! No sooner than I start to set up my equipment Hot Rod calls me to let me know that he has arrived. So I meet him coming out of the elevator so that I could capture Hot Rod meeting this sexy M.I.L.F for the 1st time. I could tell that he was going to enjoy this job. So while Hot Rod was getting dressed I get to know this sexy working class married M.I.L.F. to find out what type of down low freak this chic really was. After talking with her for a few minutes I realized why this sexy M.I.L.F. wanted some action in her life!!! Once Hot Rod was ready he struts out of the bathroom to where the sexy M.I.L.F. was sitting. From the look on her face I knew this was going to a hot one. The 1st thing that comes out of her mouth is “You are fucking huge” lol. You have to see how Hot Rod had this sexy married M.I.L.F. acting like she has never seen a man before!!! She was in awe @ the size of Hot Rods muscles. Then when she finally saw his cock she was totally overwhelmed!!! Once Erin finally realized that Hot Rod wasn’t going to hurt her she took his cock like the pro I knew she really was. Then Hot Rod shot a nice load all over her mouth and chin!!!

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