In this update we have Dolce who contacted me thru email to book a private show for herself. When I contacted her she asked me if I had any hispanic dancer with a nice body and a big package!!! So I told her that I work with dancers that have great bodies but I don’t know about there package, lol. So I asked her how big does she want there package, and she said she wants 12inches!!! So I told her I don’t work with any hispanic dancer that are holding like that, yet, but I know someone who is packing 11inches and has a awesome body and she said what about him but I told her that he is not hispanic. She said replied that it was ok just as long as he has a nice body and a big package!!! So we set up the day and I called my main man Hot Rod to make sure that he was available for that date and he said that he had other private parties but he would be able to do it. So the day arrives and I finally meet Ms. Dolce and I must say that she was beautiful and she has some of the biggest, firmest, and rounded tits that I have ever seen on a chic that were real!!! Either way my man Hot Rod finally got there late but when he saw her I could see that he liked her right off the back. This scene was hot because this chic was so small and Hot Rods cock was bigger than her arm!!! It was wonderful watching how Hot Rods cock was going to fit in her small snatch, also while we were shooting this sexy Latina decides to grab Hot Rod by the collar and throw him to the bed and begins to play with Hot Rods ass!!! You have to see it!!!


Interracial, MILF

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