Welcome back to another hot episode of Strippers In The Hoodxxx. Today update is dedicated to all the older ladies that don’t let there age get in the way of them having fun or getting some dick!!! I was contacted by Annabelle who wanted to book a dancer. She said she found the web site after looking online for a company that she could use to book a dancer. Since I was aware that she saw the web site I knew exactly what she wanted and what goes down with StrippersInTheHoodxxx. We set up a date and time for here dancer to arrive. I hit up my main man Hot Rod for the job and let him know to come ready to put in work. So the day arrives and I get to the hotel early to meet the ladying booking the dancer. When she opens the door I am greeted by a lady who looks to be around 55-60yrs old. I figured that she was just the lady paying for the dancer for her girlfriend so when I went into the room and I asked “where is the girl that my dancer is supposed to entertain”, she laughed and said “she’s right here”. I would have never imagined that someone who looks like her at here age would be into strippers. So she asked where was the dancer and I said that he should be on his way. Finally Hot Rod arrives and when he knocks on the door the hotel room phone rings at the same time. I go let Hot Rod in the room and then the lady picks up the phone. It was the lady at the front desk!!! The lady at the front desk saw me coming in the hotel with all my video equipment and then a few minuted later saw a big black muscle man going towards the same room that a older white lady was in, she figured something real crazy is about to go down. So the lady at the front desk asks my client if she could keep the noise down and also to put the don’t disturb sign on the door, LOL. Anyway so Hot Rod is at the door and I could see that he still doesn’t know who he was dancing for. Once Annabelle tells him that the party was for here Hot Rod gives me one of those awww shit looks. So Hot Rod goes into the bathroom to get changed into one of his crazy outfits. I have to tell that this sexy milf had a great body for someone her age and her sexual appetite was equally as impressive. Hot Rod comes out to perform and once she saw Hot Rods cock she doesn’t waste no time in putting it right in her mouth although Hot Rods cock seems to stretch her mouth to the max she began sucking on it like she hasn’t seen a dick in about 20yrs. This sexy MILF is in great shape and was also flexible. She really enjoyed having Hot Rods cock buried deep inside her pussy and Hot Rod skeeted a huge load all over her face and in her mouth.


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