Welcome back to another hot episode of StrippersInTheHoodxxx. In this 1st part we bring you a new client by the name of Billie Gene. She called me one evening to book 2 strippers to give her a private show. So we set up a date and time for her strippers to arrive to perform for her. Once we set up the date and time I contacted my main man Hot Rod and XL to see if there were available on that day and time. They both got back to me and told me that they were available. On the day of the event I finally got to meet Billie Gene and I have to say that she was hot. She had a sexy blue jean dress on with a pair of sexy hooker boots. Since XL and Hot Rod hadn’t arrive yet so I decided to talk with her before XL and Hot Rod arrived but before I could start kicking it with here XL call me to let me know that he was outside. Once XL got to the door Billie Gene opened the door and from her reaction she was happy with what she saw but she looked out the door to see where here second stripper was at. So I told her that he was on his way. So XL went to the bathroom and while he was in the bathroom I decided to talk with her before XL came out. One thing that I have to say is while I was talking to her she revealed to me that she was flexible. So I asked her to give me a quick demonstration and I must say that when she showed me how flexible she was all I could think was wait until XL and Hot Rod get there hands on her. Once XL was ready he started the show off the show with a bang and I have to say that Bille had her hands full or should I say pussy & mouth full. XL stretched the sexy flexible Billie Genes Pussy to the max. He fucked her so deep and hard that he fucked her completely off the bed..


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