Welcome back to another hot episode of Strippers In The Hoodxxx. Was up everyoneToday we have another incredible episode for you. I received a call from this chic and the 1st thing she says is “Hey Rob” so I am thinking who the fuck is this. So I reply “hey” and she screams “you remember me” I reply “Uh yeah was up” lol. So she says “well I need 2 dancers to dance for me” So I tell her no problem, when do you need them for? So she tells me the date and I ask her has she ever seen the web site and she replies hell yeah, I love my scene!!! So I am thinking oh wow she’s used us before, but who could it be. So I ask her do you want the same thing like before? and she says hell yeah. So I tell her “you sure you can handle it and she says “oh please trust me I can handle anybody you give me you see I didn’t tap out last time”!!! So now I think to myself ohhhhhhhh now I remember who she is, its “Beauty Bey” so I say OOOkay I got you. So of course I call my main man Hot Rod and then call my homie from Philly who goes by the name of “XL” this is his 1st time working with Strippers In The Hoodxxx and I have to say that he put it down!!! My man XL totally fucked the shit out of her and even made this sexy dredd chic tap out. Then Hot Rod comes along all late and jumps right into the mix. Then they both had there way with her by giving her a dick in the pussy and one in the ass. Then they both finished her off with a nice big load all over her face.


Anal, Ebony

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