In ths scene I have my main man Hot Rod and the new members to the team Blaze booked to dance for this chic who contacted me through my other web site looking for 2 dancers for her party so I told her that I have men with bodies and big dicks. So she said is there any way that she could see them before the actual party and I said I can have them give you a private performance so she agreed to me filming the special occasion. So I set up the date, time and location with her and then I called up the guys and it was on. On the day of the private I meet the guys in the hotel and showed them where the room was at. When they came in the door Beauty Bey was very happy with what she saw. So the guys went to get changed and I chatted with Beauty Bey on camera for a min. Then one by one both dancers came out and performed for her with Blaze being 1st and Hot Rod being 2nd. While Hot Rod was dancing He calls Blaze out to join in and all I can is that the ravaged this chic. They even was able to get in a DP in on this chic. Then one by one they both shot there load all over her mouth and face.


Anal, Ebony

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